Services I offer

Adam BennettCOACHING
If you’re a Puppeteer I can help you improve your technique as a performer, advise you on how to make your puppets much better for puppeteers to operate and contribute to efforts in rehearsals as an outside eye, responding to the work you’re doing.
If you’re a director I can help you work out what puppetry can bring to the work you’re engaged in, and how to make sure that it is effective, appropriate and integrates seamlessly into all the elements of design and production.
If you’re a performer I can help you build skills and improve your practice in puppetry extending your understanding and knowledge. I can provide exercises and techniques that will add to your performance toolkit.
If you’re a group making new work I have the experience and knowledge to assist planning, producing, promoting and distributing your work. I can advise you about gaining support, how you talk about what you do and best approaches to creating work whether it’s devising, adapting or working from script.
I am a skilled performer with much stage and screen experience and can bring my skills onto the floor or provide complete performances to you and your organisation.
Use the contact page to discuss your requirements and how we can work together. This video is myself operating puppets in ‘Sue Buckmaster, The Puppet Whisperer’by Theatre Rites.


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